He was born on December 26 in Ordechova in Poland.

In 1911- 1919 he attended the high school in Peremysyl. After he completed his philosophical-theological studies he was ordained to the priesthood in 1923.

In 1925-1935 he was the Prefect of students in the diocesan seminary in Peremysyl. He also taught catechism and dogmatic theology.

In 1935 he entered the Redemptorist Congregation. Even though he was older that the other novices he was exemplary in his patience and humility. It was not above him to do mere manual labour.

After the novitiate he was sent to Lviv to the monastery on Zublikevych Street, where he was the econome.

Although he was not a great orator, people flocked to hear him preach. He was detached from all worldly things. However, those, who knew him well, were impressed by his excellent knowledge of the issues and problems of the people. He preferred speaking about religious topics. He was an example of prayer, contemplation and of priestly life.

During the German occupation, Fr. Ziatyk was the superior of the monastery on Ternopil. In the difficult situation with which the Ukrainian Catholic Church found itself, when all the bishops were arrested, Archbishop Joseph Slipyj delegated the administration of the Church to the Redemptorist Provincial, Fr. Joseph De Vocht. In 1948 Fr. De Vocht was expelled from Ukraine and as his successor he chose Fr. Ivan Ziatyk.

In January 5, 1950 on that day before the Vigil of Christmas Fr. Ivan Ziatyk was arrested. The main reason for his arrest was that he belonged to the Redemptorist Congregation and that he preached about the Papal instructions that the Catholic faith is to be proclaimed to all people of the world and for preaching about union with the Catholic Church.

At first he was imprisoned in Zolochiv, then he was transferred to Oserlag (Irkutsk, Siberia). Eyewitnesses testify to the brutal treatment he endured. He kept claiming that under no circumstance would he abandon the Ukrainian Catholic Church.

On Good Friday 1952 Fr. Ziatyk was cruelly beaten and clubbed by the commandant of the Oserlag. Soon after on May 17, 1952, because of the wounds he endured, Fr. Ivan Ziatyk died and was buried at Oserlag.

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