(1884 –1959)

Nicholas Charnetsky was born on December 14, 1884 in the village of Semakivtsi, district of Horodenko in Halychyna, Ukraine. After finishing high school and the seminary in Stanislav, Ukraine, on October 2, 1909 he was ordained a priest by Bishop Gregory Khomyshyn. He continued his higher theological studies in Rome. Having obtained a doctorate of theology, Fr. Nicholas became the spiritual director and a professor of dogmatics at the Major Seminary in Stanislav.

In 1919 Fr. Dr. Nicholas Charnetsky entered the Redemptorist novitiate in Zboisk near Lviv.

On September 16, 1920 he made his first profession of vows. After a brief stay in Stanislav doing apostolic work, he was assigned as a professor at the Redemptorist Minor Seminary.

In 1926 he goes to Volyn and is engaged in ecumenical work with the Orthodox. His kind manner and fine intellect won many to embrace the Catholic Church. Pope Pius XI appoints him as the Apostolic Visitator for the Ukrainians in Volynia and Polissia.

He is consecrated to the episcopacy by Bishop Gregory Khomyshyn on February 2, 1931 in St. Alphonsus Church in Rome.

During the first bolshevik occupation of Halychyna (1939-1941) Metropolitan Sheptytsky, because of his extraordinary authority, appointed Bishop Charnetsky as the Exarch of Volyn and Pidlashia.

On April 11, 1945 he was arrested together with the other Bishops by the NKVD. Sentenced to six years of labour camps in Siberia, he was assigned to a blacksmith shop, where after two years of hard labour his health was completely ruined. While in prison he continued to minister to the people in whatever way was possible, especially through confession and counsel. Most of his time was spent in various places of Inta, in camps for the invalids.

Although sentenced to six years, Bishop Charnetsky returned to Lviv only after eleven years, when his health was already completed ruined. There he lived under strict surveillance.

On April 2, 1959 he ended this earthly life. To this day there are many miracles that keep occurring through his intercession. People are constantly at the site of his grave praying for his intercession.

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