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The Akathist to Our Mother of Perpetual Help


to the Mother of God of Perpetual Help

Kondak 1

AKATHIST  to the Mother of God of Perpetual Help

Kondak 1

Glorious Queen and source of God’s grace, we the faithful come before your famous icon, from which you continuously dispense your graces. Keep under your perpetual protection your spiritual children who have dedicated their lives to you and sing in your honor: Rejoice, O Full of Grace, our hope.

Ikos 1

O Full of Grace, many angels stand before your glorious throne and continuously sing: Rejoice! For they cannot otherwise exalt you nor admire your beauty. We who have gathered before your icon, raise our eyes to heaven and together with the angels say:

Rejoice, O Full of Grace, the Lord is withyou.

Rejoice, O Source of heavenly treasures.

Rejoice, O Star, shining over the wholeearth.

Rejoice, O Fountain of mercy, which can never be exhausted.

Rejoice, O queen and Mother of God’select

Rejoice, O Land, flowing with honey which nourishes many.

Rejoice, O Foretold Tree, which covers us all with its shadow.

Rejoice, O Fruitful Olive Tree, fragrant like Lebanon.

Rejoice, for your hands, like those of Moses, are always raised to prayfor us.

Rejoice, for you can obtain everything from God byyour prayers.

Rejoice, O Hope of all generations.

Rejoice, O Cause of our joy.

Rejoice, O Full of Grace, our hope!

Kondak 2

A merchant of Crete knew of your icon, this precious jewel, for it was beautiful and famous for its miracles. He stole it from the church, hid it in his vessel and sailed safely over the sea. O Most Pure One, you are our most precious treasure, therefor we go through the sea of life toward the eternal City, singing:Alleluia!

Ikos 2

We see the wisdom of God’s providence which is beyond our understanding. O Immaculate Virgin, wishing to save your icon from the pagans, God transferred it through a thief’s hands to Rome, so that all nations could glorify it. He wished through your prayers, O Mother of God, to dispense bountiful graces and show mercy to his people.  For by touching it as if it were the biblical Ark, we find not death but life.  Mother of God, you are truly a spiritual Ark, for you carried in your hands not the tablets of the covenant nor the staff budded forth nor the golden urn, but Christ, the unfading Flower and Lawmaker. Pray to Him for those who sing to you:

Rejoice, O Sacred Ark of the New Testament, surrounded by two Cherubim.

Rejoice, O reliable Weapon, for you overcome the enemy armies.

Rejoice, O Leader, through the desert of life.

Rejoice, O Jesse’s Tree, on which a divine Flower has blossomed.

Rejoice, O Fruitful Vine, whose seed grows up on the stones of indifference.

Rejoice, for the spirit of counsel and fortitude has rested uponyou.

Rejoice, O Tablet of God’s mercy.

Rejoice, O Manna, sweeter than honey.

Rejoice, O Lampstand of seven branches that enlightens all.

Rejoice, O Icon created in the image of the uncreated reflection of the Father

Rejoice, O Life-giving Ray of eternal life.

Rejoice, O Holy Unshakeable Throne of Christthe King.

Rejoice, O Full of Grace, our hope!

Kondak 3

Mother of God, the power of the Most High God manifests itself in every place where your precious icon is devoutly honored. Here the sick regain their health, the suffering receive comfort, and those who dwell in darkness obtain the spiritual sight of the soul and body.  For you attract all with your goodness so that you may lead them to your heart and thus turn them toward Christ, the never-setting Sun, when they sing: Alleluia!

Ikos 3

O Mother of God, we have a precious jewel, your icon which came to us from the East. We bow before you as a before a bright star and announcer of God’s day.  For where you appear, salvation approaches.  Therefore we sing to you:

Rejoice, O Unguarded Gate of paradise.

Rejoice, O Unlocked Treasure, from which all can profit.

Rejoice, O Source of the living Water, ever-streaming.

Rejoice, O Dew, which falls upon the mount of Zion.

Rejoice, O Sweet Potion for thirsty souls.

Rejoice, O chalice filled with the wine of joy, pressed from your ownblood.

Rejoice, for you gave the bread of fortitude to the hungry, which strengthens people.

Rejoice, O strong Bulwark Wall of God’s city, which embraces the wholeworld.

Rejoice, O House of the Lord which is built on a hill-top.

Rejoice, O Fruitful Hill, upon which Godmade His Home.

Rejoice, O Altar of Christthe King

Rejoice, O Chamber of glory, which never fadesaway

Rejoice, O Full of Grace, our Hope!

Kondak 4

The remorse of conscience tortured the merchant of Crete, when he found himself on his deathbed, until he had repented and commissioned his friend to return your icon to a church. Then he placed himself under your protection and, with your help completed his earthly life and reached the peaceful, eternal haven, singing:Alleluia!

Ikos 4

Hearing about the great miracle by which you moved the heart of the unrepenting merchant, the people of Rome came with their bishops and priests, and carrying countless candles, took your icon to the church, singing:

Rejoice, O Mary, our Gracious Queen.

Rejoice, O Holy and merciful Mother of God.

Rejoice, O Virgin of all virgins.

Rejoice, O Mother of God’s grace.

Rejoice, O enclosed Garden.

Rejoice, O Sealed Fountain.

Rejoice, O Well of the Living Water, flowing from Sion.

Rejoice, O daughter of Sion, beautiful as Jerusalem.

Rejoice, O Fragrant Lily filling all with its aroma.

Rejoice O Most beautiful Chosen One of God.

Rejoice, O Holy of the Holiest, filled with Divine Glory.

Rejoice, for you are the glory and charm of all generations.

Rejoice, O Full of Grace, our hope!

Kondak 5

When you saw the blood and spear which was to pierce the Heart of your Son as well as the gall and the Cross in the hands of the angels, you noticed in the wondrous vision that He would be the hope of all nations. Thus your soul was stricken by a deadly fear. Embracing Your Child, you wept bitterly, saying: How can I offer you in sacrifice, my Son, who are so comely and the most beautiful of all the sons of men? How can I go through all your sufferings, O my gracious Light? How will I heal the wounds of my soul that your wounds will inflict upon it? For the sake of the salvation of the world, however, do whatever you wish with your handmaid who sings: Alleluia!

Ikos 5

All-suffering Mother, all the nations of the earth have seen your compassion toward your Son, as it is represented on this icon. They looked at it and were filled with wonder as you delivered as a ransom your Christ, Who is beyond all price, so that you may deliver your spiritual children from the slavery of hell. With what hymn of praise may I sing about your love? How may I exalt your greatness in your sufferings? Which fragrant spiritual flowers may I place on your painful path? I can only offer these simple words to you as a child:

Rejoice, O Queen and Mother.

Rejoice, O Immaculate lamb.

Rejoice, O Mother’s Heart, inexhaustible fountain.

Rejoice, You, whose love is beyond expression and destruction.

Rejoice, O Treasure of my heart.

Rejoice, O Sweetness of my soul.

Rejoice, for in your painful sufferings you gave us spiritual birth at the Cross.

Rejoice, because you sacrificed everything for the sake of your spiritual children.

Rejoice, for you accepted the Cross during the angelic visitation.

Rejoice, for you were the first to drink from the bitter chalice of Christ throughout your whole life.

Rejoice, O Rachel, who is weeping for your children, beaten up by the spiritual enemy. 

Rejoice, O Fiery Love, which could not be extinguished even by the greatest of sufferings.

Rejoice, O Full of Grace, our hope.

Kondak 6

Most Holy Mother of God, you have chosen for yourself the divinely inspired preachers of redemption to guard your icon. Following in the footsteps of their founder, Alphonsus, they preach your greatness throughout the whole world, teaching everyone to glorify you as a mediatrix of grace and through you they exalt God, exclaiming: Alleluia!

Ikos 6

Your miraculous icon, O most blessed Queen, shines throughout the whole world, to the Est and West, the North and South, from the adorned Esquiline Hill, the new Jerusalem, and is honored everywhere.  It gathers your children, dispersed throughout the world, who are often divided, so that, like so many shining stars, they may enter the kingdom of Christ, which is so close to your heart, O good mother, and sing:

Rejoice, O Dawn, for the darknessof the East. 

Rejoice, O Leader of those who wander in darkness.

Rejoice, O Deliverer of those whom darkness has imprisoned.

Rejoice, O Woman custodian of Christ’s Vineyard.

Rejoice, most beautiful of all women, following the bridegroom. 

Rejoice, O daughter of David, wed at the altar of the King.

Rejoice, O Queen, sitting at the right hand of your Sonand Lord.

Rejoice, O Lady vested in a golden robe and adorned with divine beauty.

Rejoice, for your children rule over all the earth.

Rejoice, for you are glorified for all generations.

Rejoice, O Tree of Life, always fruitful and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Rejoice, O Morning Star, announcing the Sun

Rejoice O Full of Grace, our hope.

Kondak 7

Wishing to save the whole world by His sufferings, He, that became Mediator for all, chose you as His suffering companion and intercessor for our salvation. Therefore during His Passion on the Cross, He gave everything into your hands, as is seen in the icon, and made you the Mother of us all who believe in Him and glorify Him, saying: Alleluia!

Ikos 7

God’s wisdom planted the Church as a new garden, and made it a source of the living water. You came forth from it and now you water with grace the whole earth, O Full of Grace. Apart from you, there is no fruitfulness nor heavenly dew, but through you the luxuriant spiritual vineyards grow, the flowers of piety blossom, the lilies of virginity and the myrrh of martyrdom flourish. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, they all sing to you:

Rejoice, resplendent, life-creating Stream in paradise.

Rejoice, for you transform the desert-like hearts into magnificent gardens.

Rejoice, O Virgin Field, for you nurture the flowers of chastity.

Rejoice, O Vine of Christ’s Vineyard, which yields clusters of martyrs.

Rejoice, O Water of Siloam, which cures the blindof heart.

Rejoice, for you purify our sacrifices soiled by the passions.

Rejoice, O Sheep Pool, wash me like a lamb destined for sacrifice.

Rejoice, O Dove, which announces the NewEarth.

Rejoice, O Rainbow, reminding us of the eternal covenant.

Rejoice, O Ruth, for you collect the abandoned earsof corn.

Rejoice, O Tree, whose leaves cure all nations.

Rejoice, O Gate of the new Jerusalem, which is open dayand night.

Rejoice O Full of Grace, our hope!

Kondak 8

It is a wondrous mystery, beyond our understanding, O Lord, our God, how you remain God, and yet do what Your creature, Your most Blessed Mother, wills of You?  You have, however, made known Your Will to her in such a manner that she may ask only for things which agree with Your Will and thus lead all on Your path and distribute gifts according to Your Providence, wishing to save all who sing: Alleluia!

Ikos 8

Most Blessed Virgin Mary, you can do everything both in heaven and on earth. You can convert sinners and heal the sick. Being a handmaid of the Lord, you humbled yourself more than anyone else, but with your prayers, you surpass all angelic Powers and Dominions. You have so wounded with love the Heart of your Son, your Bridegroom, that He can never refuse your petitions. Thus our eyes are always turned to you, O Queen Mother, till you bestow your abundant graces on us who sing to you:

Rejoice, O Youn that prays unceasingly for us.

Rejoice, O Altar of incense, perpetually aflame.

Rejoice, O Resplendent Crown of Christ’sChurch.

Rejoice, O Chalice of Heavenly Joy.

Rejoice, O Holy Mountain, from which God speaks powerfully.

Rejoice, O Table of Divine Sweetness.

Rejoice, O flowerbed Garden of the Holy Spirit.

Rejoice, for with your one word you unite heaven to earth.

Rejoice, for by your prayers a New Creation appears..

Rejoice, O unfathomable Mercy, which floods the sinful abyss.

Rejoice, for you raised the repentant to the thrones of the Seraphim.

Rejoice, for you have deified the whole world with your mercy.

Rejoice O Full of Grace, our hope!

Kondak 9

O ever-praised One, all nations waited for you, because you were promised since time immemorial. You were destined to become the Immaculate Mother of the Savior, the beginning and source of all miracles. When you appeared, O all –raiseworthy One, all creation rejoiced with you, singing: Alleluia!

Ikos 9

Even the most eloquent orators are unable to praise you duly for all the miracles that come before your famous icon, which you perform for your servants. Everyone – the poor, the suffering and the abandoned – knows that though a mother may forsake her own children, you, O ever-gracious One, will never forget your poor forever.  Therefore we cry out to you:

Rejoice, O loving Mother of orphans.

Rejoice, O Gracious Refuge, for those who cannot find shelter.

Rejoice, O brilliant Light, giving sight to the blind.

Rejoice, O Holy Oil, which heals the woundsof hearts.

Rejoice, O Hope of despairing sinners.

Rejoice, for through your goodness you calm the worried.

Rejoice, O Mother of our Benefactor Christ.

Rejoice, for you enrich us with all kindsof gifts.

Rejoice, for your hands always bless and heal us.

Rejoice, O Queen, who reigns by goodness and notby force.

Rejoice, O Wind of paradise, which driesour tears.

Rejoice, for you fill all with heavenly joy.

Rejoice, O Full of Grace, our hope!

Kondak 10

O Good Lord, as once you gave water from the Rock to your Israelites, so now You present the icon of Your Mother to those who are perishing in the desert of Life. When we come to it with confidence, we receive the miraculous drink of Your abundant mercy, singing: Alleluia.

Ikos 10

O Good Mother, those, whom God has made worthy of a strenuous fight against the prince of darkness, find in you an immovable Wall and a true unconquerable Tower of David.  Vested in the armour of your protection, they courageously make a stand against your enemies, signing the hymn of victory:

Rejoice, O Strong Woman, who resembles the regiments ready for battle.

Rejoice, O Woman, that crushed the serpent’s head.

Rejoice, O Unconquerable Courage in Christ’s Army.

Rejoice, O Tw-edged Sword in the preacher’s lips.

Rejoice, O Key, guarding the temple priestly holiness.

Rejoice, O Helper and Leader of the pastors.

Rejoice, O Strength of those, who suffer for the Christian faith.

Rejoice, O Secure Shelter from violent temptations.

Rejoice, O Immovable Anchor, for those tossedby storms.

Rejoice, You, strengthens kingdoms and nations.

Rejoice, O Chosen Captain, deliver your people from foreign violence.

Rejoice, O Only Defender of the helpless.

Rejoice, O Full of Grace, our hope!

Kondak 11

With love we will sing the hymn first sung by the Archangel, when he announced the coming of Emmanuel and brought joy to the world. For with it, we overcome our enemies and secure your powerful and perpetual help and heavenly joy, for because of you God dwells with us. This is why we exclaim: Alleluia!

Ikos 11

Gracious, Never-setting Sun of my poor soul, in this vale of tears, where labors, sufferings, struggles against the passions, attacks and ambushes of the infernal enemies endeavor to destroy my soul!  How will I complete unscathed my difficult journey of the cross, if you do not strengthen me with your prayers and perpetual help and do not lead me from this imprisonment and enlighten me who exclaims to you:

Rejoice, O Gracious Light, for those who have been blindedby their sins.

Rejoice, O Star, leading to the Sovereign King.

Rejoice, O Cloudy Pillar in the desert of life.

Rejoice, O Dew of my thirsty soul.

Rejoice, O Calm Haven among stormy passions.

Rejoice, O Wind, who guide my sailing boat safe through jagged rocks.

Rejoice, O Rudder, for those sailing on life’s unchartered journey.

Rejoice, O Healer of wounds, inflicted by life.

Rejoice, for you transform the desperate with untold graces.

Rejoice, O Hand, leading those in turbulence.

Rejoice, O You, who have closed the mouths of spiritual lions.

Rejoice, for you have broken my sinful chains.

Rejoice O Full of Grace, our hope.

Kondak 12

My ever-praised Queen, obtain for me the great grace to keep my robe ever-pure all my life, once washed by the Blood of the Lamb.  I have entrusted my salvation into your hands and therefore I firmly hope that you will safeguard my lighted lamp from all storms.  At the frightful moment of my battle before death, I hope that you will meet me with a lighted candle to light the last steps of my journey and lead me to God, the joy of my youthful years. My soul will eternally rejoice in heaven and exalt you forever with festive hymns, singing: Alleluia!

Ikos 12

Singing and constantly glorifying you with indescribable hymns, the Cherubim and the Seraphim, together with the countless angels and saints who from all ages are rejoicing in heaven, offer you, as so many wreaths, the prayers of your servants who ask for your help from all the ends of the world. They watch your face, shining like the sun, and wait only for your command to help and save all those who sing to you:

Rejoice, O prayerful Lady of the world.

Rejoice, O Shining Sun, which enlightens the heaves and the universe.

Rejoice, O Divine Guardian, who is keeping watch over the East.

Rejoice, O Unsilenced Voice of the prophets.

Rejoice, O Head of the Cherubim.

Rejoice, O Guide of all in heaven and on earth.

Rejoice, O Book of God’s Providence.

Rejoice, O Mysterious Treasure of His Wisdom.

Rejoice, God’s profound unfathomable plan forever hidden.

Rejoice, O Instrument of the Holy Spirit.

Rejoice, O Head of all creation, humbled and exalted.

Rejoice, O Handmaid of the Lord, who always does the Willof God.

Rejoice of Full of Grace, our hope!

Kondak 13

O Mother of the whole world, worthy of all praise!* You gave birth mystically to the Word in the souls of all the saints.* Accept from us, your children, this earnest prayer and safeguard us in our love for your Son.* Accept us who have submitted to the Will of God. Lead into the palace of glory, those who sing to you: Alleluia!

Prayer to the Mother of Perpetual Help

Most pure Mother of God, Immaculate Virgin, Queen of the World, Intercessor of Christians, refuse and hope of sinners, I, the most miserable of all, kneel before your icon. I humbly bow to you, O my ever-praised Queen, and wholeheartedly thank you for all the graces which you have so abundantly bestowed on me. But most of all, I thank you for saving me from eternal punishment which I have deserved.

I love you, O my Queen, and for the sake of this love I promise to serve you forever and do whatever I can that others may also serve, honor and love you. O Merciful Mother, after God you are my hope and cause of my salvation. Accept me, your servant, under your mighty Protection.

You can obtain everything from God. Pray to Him to deliver me from all temptations and dangers or at least help me to overcome them. Obtain also for me the virtues of a strong faith, firm hope and true, non-hypostricital love. Be with me especially at the last moment of my earthly life.

My gracious Lady, it is not through my prayers, but rather through your love for God that I implore you. Do not forsake me until you see me in heaven where I will forever praise and thank you in the Kingdom of Your Son, to whom, together with His Eternal Father and the Holy, Good and Life-creating Spirit, belong all glory, honor and adoration, now and forever and ever. Amen.

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