Redemptorists around the world are aspiring to re-enact for our times their founder’s response to the Gospel. St. Alphonsus preached the good news of Christ to the poor and most abandoned. God has placed in the hearts of others an invitation to share in the life and mission of the Redemptorists.

The Welcome Home was opened in 1993 in Winnipeg, and gratefully received the support and blessing of His Grace Archbishop Michael Bzdel, C.Ss.R., Metropolitan for the Ukrainian Catholic Church in Canada

The Welcome Home is a concrete response to the invitation of the gospel to make the choice Jesus made – the choice in favor of the poor.

A unique feature of the Welcome Home is that the Redemptorists invite lay people to live with them in community for periods of time to experience their life and ministry. Many Ukrainian Catholic young adults from right across Canada have given a year of their lives to serve God in this mission. It is a “time out” to discern the path of one’s life and to make a difference in someone else’s life.


Every busy ministry needs plenty of volunteers to make things happen. People from local parishes and schools give their time and energy to be present to others or simply to help with the chores.


The bottom line is that The Welcome Home is about being “church” today. It invites all of us to see with the eyes of faith the presence of Christ in others, especially those most in need of God’s compassion and love. As one of our visitor’s put it, “It is about time our church did something like this for others”